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Thursday, August 26, 201010:46 PM
today for school we only had like Math and Chi the rest were free periods. skipping at the back of the class HAHHHA fail. Lao shi had this 'time bomb' thing and we had to do gonghan sad life. HAHHA we rushed through it. Then had lunch then PBL. Ruiying had to change her *ahem* so like 7 of us followed her to the toilet HAHAHAHA so retarded i still cant believe we did it. 3,2,1*crossleg!* PBL was making our CIP thingy HAHHAH ruiying so fail. "do you not feel accomplished ruiying because i started for you?" HAHAHHA then had gym with clarabelle, gauri, gladys and sarah then went home.


he sounds tired :( SM should give everyone a break. He still has his musical to do and plus all the other schedules.

this can't get any better.
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top of our HILL
Saturday, July 31, 201010:45 PM

GOOD JOB CRESCENT HOCKEY C'DIV ! i'm so proud i have a team like you :D All our hardwork, all our blood, sweat, and tears(ALOT OF TEARS) finally all paid off. we got 2nd runner up in the competition :D not bad ok! very good alrd! we will do well next year for B'div also! HAHAH yea~

Today went school had super long day then went for prize presentation at Delta. watched TWSS and SNG play for 1st,2nd placing. TWSS won :( OH well. we were cheering for SNG but TWSS got short corner and scored. Then watched guys jurong west and SA . SA won. the penalty flick was friggin cool. first time i saw extra time and penalty flick. and almost the whole school of SA came to support and it was like jail break.their shirt was all strips. eye pain.Got our medals and trophy then went back to school. took pictures...

Met nat, ruiying,naomi at school. the showcase thing so pathetic only three parents came.sad.then went IKEA with gauri, gladys, naomi, ruiying, nat, celine. then went home with gauri. so coincidental! i saw Chong Hon in the bus! HAHAHA

super long day sia but FUNN. :D
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GIS airlines
Wednesday, July 21, 20106:49 PM

Taken with Claris's Polaroid

Best Polaroid ever. (Y)

Day we supported coach's team

CREZAWARDS with team mates(Y)

Sitting with Nisa is the best with our telepathy stares and nudges and all that
at CREZAWARDS. HAHAH Me and Nisa totally laughed like crap over Clown Girl, Clown Girl's friend and Clown Girl #2. Total eyesore, seriously. Ended up laughing like shit instead of paying attention to the show.


Have training 6 times a week now. seriously can die. Fun, but super energy draining.
YAY going to HV tmrw.(Y)
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Friday, May 14, 201011:00 AM

EXAMS ARE OVER! hahha overall was okay except for HIST. DAMNYOUHISTORUDAMNYOU.
anyway after exams yest we went to orchard and omg i think we embarrassed ourselves ALOT we were like taking pictures in the middle of Orchard. We went to wheelock saw the sakesushi no buffet then we went to ion and ate at soup spoon haha FUN. we made this drink-mushroom-lemonseeds-eaten alrd by naomi half lemon peel- spaghetti sauce-abit of juice- plus dunno wad else. it actually tasted not bad. HONESTLY. hahha. Then we went to toilet in ion and then LEAH shouted in the toilet " EMILY! YOU HAVE PAD?!" OMG so embarrassing! HAHAHHA WE TOOK SO MANY PICTURES and then we were walking in orchard road and leah and celine and charlotte went on this escalator thing to take pictures and there was no way to come down so.. they had to walk one big round and while we waited went on the cheap thrill escalator.smallest escalator ever." Rapunzel, rapunzel let down your "long hair" hahahh CRYSTAL( she has short hair)" After that we went to cineleisure and took neoprints. IT TURNED OUT REALLY NICE SURPRISINGLY WITH 10 ppl in it. then we ate frolick frozen yogurt. DAMN NICE. Then Celine and I had to go home.we saw the BIG ASS FAN in somerset 313 HAHA. mrted home.
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gay candy
Wednesday, May 5, 20107:08 PM

HAHHA today was kinda fun. Had 3 periods of history HAHHA was sitting at the back so... you know what i mean. And then had 2 periods of english wah crap tmrw have 3 periods. oh well. then had after school went consultation with ms loo and olivia rui ying and naomi. it was kinda awkward. Ms Loo drew a fish!(actually not bad lehk her drawing)and then she drew some smiley face thing. (naomi told us that she was humming while drawing and she was making the eyes of the smiley bigger HAHAHHA) ms loos nice :D
then went LJS with rui ying and olivia. HAHHA rui ying go order so much then cannot finish! small stomach! then the bus came and they ditched me :( HAHA
crap theres 4 days left to MYE and i havent even started LIT.DIE.oh wells.

zzxzxxzzxzx gay candy?
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star king
12:00 AM
HAHAH i'm cheating by using the post options thing so that its 12 but now its not even 10 yet.SHHHH.HAHHHAH anyway,
Chong Hon, have a great birthday and hope that you'll do well in whatever you do.And aiya i really dunno what to say erm live well? haha ok bye.HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

ALPHA KENNY BODY(say this really fast dun say it out loud though your mum might scold you.)
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Sunday, May 2, 20105:47 PM

May is so frigginn busy have like super many birthdays heres some that i can remember...

May 5 - ChongH
May 8 - Amannda and Hao Tian
May 10 - Ching Hui and Anushka
May 11 - Lan Ying
May 17 - Bing Wei
May 22 - MINE!
May 25 - Monique

Omg theres like only 8 more days to MYE and i only started on math and science. k finishing science alrd but i'm still damn freaked out. I miss hockey trainings so much...and 6 a-side is like in aprox 3 weeks time.ARGH.

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